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Northwest Song Contests:

2004 Annual Song Contest              2005 Annual Song Contest

2010 Annual Song Contest              2011 Annual Song Contest             

 2012 Annual Song Contest             2013 Annual Song Contest

2017 Annual Song Contest              2019 Annual Song Contest


“The Roller Song - For Beginners” - By Allen Baumgartner, ACBM June 1973

Department of Agriculture - Canaries Their Care and Management, June 28, 1923


Line Breeding was discovered by Mr. I. K. Felch, an internationally known poultry breeder, many years ago. In developing good Roller Canaries, It has been used by top breeders for a long time.

Click HERE for the details.

A Breeding Record is provided for your use in keeping track of all those new birds you hatch each year. Click HERE and download and print as many copies as you need.

A Pedigree Chart may be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Banding those new babies is not all that difficult, but click HERE for “How to Band.”

Click HERE for a written Description of the Song of the Roller. There are nine (9) recognized tours that the Roller sings. They are listed below and if you click on each one of them you will hear a sample of that particular tour.

Hollow Roll     Shockel     Bass Roll     Hollow bell     Water Glucke     Flutes   

Glucke     Water Roll     Glucke Roll


Finding show training cages like the one shown below is qite difficult these days. However, through the courtesy of Bill Friend and Fred Walcot of the Dominion Roller Canary Association, Inc. we are now able to offer detailed instructions for making these cages. Click HERE for a copy of the detailed instructions.


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