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Available Items To Purchase

All items may now be purchased and paid for by using The Mail in Order Form along with your check or money order.Just click on the Mail in Order Form  link above and print the "Mail in Order Form.”

Or, you may do your shopping  of the same items that are on the Mail In Order Form that are shown below and pay with your credit card or PayPal by  CLICKING THE “Add to Cart” button below  ANY OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS .

The first page that comes up for each item is for use of the PayPal payment method. If you wish to pay with a credit card, just click on the CHEK OUT” button to the left of “ PayPal” and it will take you to “Pay with a debit or credit card or PayPayPal Credit.”


Item 1 - Annual Membership - Single - US$20.00

Item 2 - Annual Membership - Family - US$23.00


Item 3 - Closed Bands (10 per lot) - US$12.50

Item 4 - Closed Bands (20 per lot) - US$17.50


Item 5  - To Make a Donation To The Club

 (This item is provided so that you may make a donation to the club if you wish to do so. You will specify the amount when you go the VIEW THE CART.)

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