Links to Other Bird Websites

We are pleased to share with you these canary related web sites. If you have a special web site that you would like to have added to this list please send an email to the club president and we will add it the next time this site is revised.

Just click on the name of the site and you should be taken directly to that site.


Abba Products Corp.

American Association of Spanish Timbrado Breeders

Canaviary -

Cascade Canary Breeders Association

Central States Roller Canary Breeders Association

The Dominion Roller Canary Association 

Harzer Rollelr-Kanarien-Museum

National Roller Canary Society (UK)

Oakland International Roller Canary Club

Pet Bird Clubs & Organizations

The Roller Society of South Australia Inc.

The British Birds

United Spanish Timbrado Fanciers

Western Roller Canary Association

Western Waterslager Club

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